Rodent Control

Advanced Rodent Management service

Rodents have one of the most disastrous urban pests. With the sole exception of man, the most successful and abundant mammals on ther earth today are Rodents. They live at man's expense invade his home eat his food and damage his commodities. They are also responsible for transmitting various diseases to man. They contaminate his food with theri faeces, urine and hair. Their gnawing ability is responding for not only structural and property damage but also short circuits and fires. They nibble at few cables and entire communication or computer network collapses.

Rodent Treatment

Our Rodent Management Service Provides total and effective control of rats and mice. The new age RODEX treatment is based on type of rodent species, extent of infection and its spread. it works on a scientific combination of baiting,trapping and proofing methods.

Features and Benifits

  • The bait is placed at strategic locations which the rodents frequently visit.
  • Use of Glue board/traps etc is a part of rodent pest management operation
  • and will be carried out wherever needed.
  • RODEX treatment uses a registered product
  • It is designed keeping human safety in mind
  • Targeted at total control
  • Health care Experts will also suggest sanitation and rodent proofing
  • measures to be carried out.


Health care Expert will continuously monitor the effectiveness of control strategy throughout the contract period.

Frequency of Services

Baiting as well as monitoring program will be carried out at a regular interval of 15 days throughout the contract period.